About Coyote Analytics

Intuitive Legal Software With You in Mind

Coyote Analytics exists for one reason: to help your law firm stay profitable. We’ve been working hand-in-hand with our clients for ten years. This decade of open communication has informed continual updates to improve the experience for our clients. We work with law firms throughout the country to streamline operations with our complete Law Firm Software.

Created With a Focus on Usability

We noticed a glaring hole in the law industry. Organizational software for law offices was not being produced with the user in mind. We set out to offer a service that put the clients’ needs first. The first question we ask ourselves is, “Does this make sense for our clients?”

Coyote Analytics Offers Personalized Service

We do not have shareholders. The only people we answer to are our clients, and that’s the way we like it. We got into this business to provide a customized service that actually works for your particular law firm. We might just be images on a screen right now, but you will know each of us by name as our entire team works to make your experience as easy and beneficial as possible.

Our Team

MJC Coyote Analytics

Mike Credland

Mike Credland has both a Computer Science degree and a Mechanical Engineering degree. He has over 25 years of software development experience and has worked in the legal software industry for over 17 years. In 2010, Mike and Maureen joined forces to provide a new way of thinking in the legal marketplace. They believed the market needed an option where the software firm responds to the client’s needs. They believed that software development should include input from the client. They believed that client input and features requests are a win for both parties, so the client should not be charged excessively for any input into the betterment of the product.

MRN Coyote Analytics

Maureen Neuroth

Maureen Neuroth received her BA in Accounting from Seattle University. She worked in the legal software industry for 15 years prior to starting Coyote Analytics with Mike Credland in 2010. In 2010, she and Mike founded Coyote Analytics to provide firms a new option in a market limited to the same competitors for 20 years or more. They believed they could provide better software by giving the clients a voice in the development of the software.

Carol Patterson with Coyote Analytics

Carol Patterson

Carol Patterson has a diverse accounting background. She worked as a Process Efficiency Consultant for several start-up software companies in the San Diego area before moving to law firm accounting. After 15 years of managing law firm Accounting Departments, she joined Coyote Analytics in 2010 in a sales capacity. Carol was instrumental in the early development of Coyote Analytics by providing a unique users perspective. Carol continues to draw from her accounting, process efficiency, and software experience to provide interactive demonstrations to current and potential clients.

Rob LinkedIn with Coyote Analytics

Rob Brockman

Rob Brockman is a former CPA who received a BS in Accounting from George Mason University before starting a 25+ year career in the legal industry. He spent about 15 years working his way up to Controller for a midsized IP firm in Washington, DC where he oversaw the accounting team, the IT team and managed all of employee benefit programs. He then transitioned over to the sales side of the legal industry. Rob joined Coyote Analytics in 2017 as he recognized they were emerging as an industry leader in their space.

Amy works with Coyote Analytics

Amy Flaherty

Amy Flaherty joined Coyote Analytics in 2016 as a Regional Sales Manager and in 2018 took on the role of Director of Client Relations where she is responsible for enhancing the customer experience through collaboration, education and communication. Amy has over 25 years of experience in the Legal Technology Industry and has worked in many roles - from Training to Consulting to Sales and now Client Relations. Her focus has always been to set clients up for success. Amy holds a BBA in Computer Information Systems from James Madison University and currently resides in Northern Virginia.

LAO with Coyote Analytics

Loralee O’Neal

Loralee O’Neal is a Certified Public Accountant with over a decade of experience in accounting. Prior to joining Coyote Analytics, she worked primarily in public accounting in the tax department for a large regional firm. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration in both Accounting and International Business from Lambuth University where she graduated with honors. Loralee O’Neal serves as Director of Client Implementations at Coyote Analytics, where she focuses on helping firms transition from other software applications and helps ensure new clients address any potential accounting issues before the completion of implementation.

RPP Coyote Analytics

Bob Poorman

Bob Poorman joined Coyote Analytics two years ago with more than twenty-five years of experience in senior level management, information technology, and software implementation. As Support Manager, Bob oversees the day to day support operations and assists with software updates. Prior to Coyote Analytics, Bob worked for a large hospital chain in Solutions and Design as well as extensive experience in managing customer service teams.