Business Intelligence Software for Law Firms

Data Informs Decisions

The best way to plan for the future is to learn from the past. Business Intelligence Software (BI) for Law Firms enables you to sort, manipulate, and analyze data to uncover opportunities the firm hadn't previously considered. Coyote Analytics' data warehouse and data sets allows you to create customizable detailed dashboards that empower users to easily drill into their data and find actionable business insights.

Putting the Right Information in the Right Hands

Distribute critical information to the appropriate people in your organization, and you will have everything you need to improve the effectiveness of your firm’s decision-making. Coyote Analytics makes it easy to put this information in front of those that can use it most.

Intuitive Interface

Customizable Dashboards for Insight to Key Metrics • Data Warehouse Powered by Microsoft Power BI • Intuitively named Datasets that are easy to use • Build reports for Exporting and Analyzing • Drill Down Capabilities • Design reports and dashboards once, and they will update daily as data is updated

Quick Analytics

Understand the metrics and Key Performance Indicators that are important to your firm. Use data analytics to make more informed business decisions and analyze trends. This can lead to improved productivity, client satisfaction, and profitability.