Coyote College: On-Demand Training

Map your own learning journey

Integrating Coyote College into your learning strategy will give your employees the ability to access relevant training materials at their point of need. Your firm will become more productive while saving costs on training.

Allow Your Employees to Learn in the Flow of Work

Coyote College allows your employees to learn as they work. With “bite size” courses, employees can access relevant information while performing a specific task. There is no longer a need for a multi-lesson course, or trying to coordinate a live training session, employees can take control of their own learning at a time and pace that suits them.

Relevant Up-To-Date Content Delivered by Our Experts

Courses are current, timely, guided by Coyote Analytics’ Trainers, and easy to share with your employees. In addition, free up your firm’s resources and use Coyote College for onboarding and refresher training.