Reach your 2021 Goals with Coyote Reach

Coyote Reach is an addition to Coyote Analytics in the form of a mobile app. The app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and tablets and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play. It provides mobile time and expense entry, following compliance rules already in place with Coyote Analytics.

Enter expenses and capture time from the palm of your hand using Coyote Reach. Our robust software can be accessed from your mobile device to improve timekeeper utilization. In addition, Coyote Reach conforms to all client billing rules. Reduce write offs with accurate and easily updated time and expense entries.

Streamlining the process with mobile access allows your law firm to shorten the time needed to bill your clients. This, in turn, shortens the days to collect. And, a shortened billing cycle results in less errors and quicker payments.

Some of the key features include

  • Dual authentication Login – allows for a single sign in
  • Supports online and offline.
  • Online – Entries are saved to the Coyote database immediately.
  • Offline – Entries are stored locally, then transferred to the Coyote database once the server can be reached.
  • Dashboard for timers and recent matters, and totals for the month selected.
  • Timers show timers that were created in Coyote Reach.
  • Recent Matters list the 25 most recent matters.
  • Use of already in place Coyote compliance rules and firm specific compliance rules.
  • Follows employee rules regarding finalizing and posting entries.
  • Settings to use last client / matter in time entries.
  • Swipe to “promote” or “demote” entries.
  • Swipe to create new entry or timer.

New Features Coming Soon

  • Expense attachments – Reach will allow you to take a picture of a bill and include it as an attachment.
  • Biometric authorization – Uses your mobile device’s facial or fingerprint authentication.
  • GPS expense entry – allows for the creation of an expense entry for mileage.
  • Call log time entry – allows for the creation of a time entry from your call log.

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About Coyote Analytics

Coyote Analytics offers a complete financial software system (time, billing, accounting) as well as a full practice management solution (calendar, docketing, document management, forms, contacts) to help firms manage the business of law. Coyote Analytics’ program was built through a collaborative effort with clients. It offers a simple and easy-to-navigate interface, a robust feature set, and great customer service, all at a reasonable price point.