Financial Management Software

Streamline Processes for Accurate Reporting

Analyzing your profits and expenditures is the only way to ensure your law firm remains profitable. Reduce or even eliminate the possibility of human error by incorporating an intuitive, fully-integrated, and accurate financial reporting system with reliable law firm account software. This gives you the opportunity to recognize which areas of your law firm are performing best, and others that could use some improvement.

Track Profitability Metrics

Establish, manage, and meet your firm’s financial goals by tracking the profitability of the firm as well as for timekeepers, practice areas, and client matters.

Financial Accountability

  • Drill Down Capability
  • Fully-Integrated General Ledger
  • Accounts Payable
  • Recurring Transactions
  • Import Journal Entries

Streamlined Budgeting

  • General Ledger Budgeting
  • Timekeeper Budgeting
  • Client-Matter Budgeting
  • Budget Alerts


  • Direct & Indirect Allocations
  • Timekeeper Profitability Analysis
  • Employee Profitability

Optimized Banking

  • Bank Ledger Visibility
  • Intuitive Bank Reconciliation
  • Streamlined Check Request