Financial Management Solutions to Help Law Firms Better Serve Clients and Optimize Profitability

Our Solutions

Time & Billing Software

Capture more time and maximize accuracy with efficient ways to reduce revenue loss while meeting growing client needs.

Financial Management

Meet your firm's financial goals by streamlining payables, reducing user error, and identifying profitable practice areas.

Legal Practice Management

Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time practicing law by optimizing your workflows.

Business Intelligence

Set your objectives today by predicting the future with the power and simplicity of Coyote Analytics by analyzing the trends of the past.


Accurately capture more billable time and shorten the billing cycle with 24/7 access to time and expense entry.

Coyote College

"Bite size" courses with relevant, up-to-date content that allows your employees to learn in the flow of work.

What companies are saying

Coyote truly partners with its clients. In fact, they worked closely with our firm to develop and implement the software’s budgeting feature. They listened to our needs and worked with us to create an outstanding feature that is a favorite of my partners and has allowed us to track fees and expenses throughout the month and avoid unpleasant conversations with clients. There are countless other ways in which they have taken feedback from our firm and others to create new features or improve upon existing ones. It has the amazing features it does because it listens and directly implements the feedback from its customers. Where other companies say, “Sorry, we don’t do that,” Coyote says, “We can make that happen.”

- Emily Lichtman, Chief Operating Officer with Sklar Kirsh

After converting from an antiquated accounting program to Coyote, I have a rather large list of how the various Coyote modules have improved our processes and efficiency, but will always emphasize the incredible level of support we receive from the Coyote team. Having attended the user conference, I love having names with faces and genuinely wanting to know how the team member’s day is going. The client support is responsive and genuine, and the product continues to develop with the input of users.

- Michelle Andino, Firm Administrator with Moran Reeves Conn

Best customer service and response time. As a Firm Administrator, this means a lot. We are constantly under deadlines and promptness is key for us.

- Marcella Angelosanto, Administrator with Cummings, McClorey, Davis & Acho PLC

Coyote has made it easier during the pandemic because although I am working from home, I can still get my questions answered and step by step assistance. So in actuality, I am not really alone.

- Jennifer Trafton, with Gates, Gonter, Guy, Proudfoot & Muench LLP

I am very pleased with Coyote, I appreciate everyone’s help from the service desk, to administration. The system is very easy to use...makes billing so much easier.

- Tammi Saucer, Billing Manager with Adams Stirling PLC


The client comes first at Coyote Analytics. Always. This means we collaborate with our clients to identify ways we can make their jobs easier and give them the tools they need to run their business. Our high standards for customer support are why our customer satisfaction has never fallen below 92%. Our highly-motivated and experienced team members go beyond working closely with our clients to provide individualized care—we listen. Our clients know their voices are being heard because they can see it in our software and the services we offer.

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