Want to become a Coyote Analytics expert? Attend the Virtual Summer Bootcamp on August 9–11

On August 9–11, 2022, Coyote Analytics will host its Virtual Summer Bootcamp, a three-day event that will offer 15 sessions covering a variety of topics. Join us to expand your Coyote Analytics knowledge and skills and become a verified expert that will be invaluable to your firm, the user community, and the legal industry.

The Virtual Summer Bootcamp will feature sessions on:

  • Attorney Workplace for Timekeepers;
  • Best Practices: eBilling;
  • Tips, Tricks & Customizing Coyote;
  • Paperless Bill Editing for Bill Attorneys;
  • Best Practices: Conflict Avoidance;
  • and more.

View the Summer Bootcamp schedule, and sign up for all three days, an individual day or for a session. Everyone at your firm is welcome to attend the bootcamp. There is no cap on the number of attendees from your firm.

If you have any questions and to obtain pricing information, contact Loralee O’Neal, CPA, Learning and Training Development Manager, at loralee.oneal@coyoteanalytics.com. We hope you can join us!